Is Green Coffee Good For Diabetes?

is green coffee good for diabetes

According to the latest studies done by a professor from University of Catania that was commissioned by an independent research firm called Institute for Scientific Information on Coffee, it revealed that polyphenols like phelonic acids and flavonoids might be the secret behind good health benefits associated with drinking coffee.

So what does it say about its lesser-known cousin, green coffee? Are green coffee beans or extracts really good for diabetics? Let’s find out


Green coffee gets its name from its beans that are green in color. During the process of roasting and processing, the color of these beans changes from green to brown.

Many people will have you believe that green coffee has shown incredible results among people at the risk of suffering from diabetes. In fact, there are certain experiments by small brand manufacturers as well that show blood sugar levels get regulated if used consistently. Like this one.

However, this study was also done only on 30 individuals. And none of them were diabetics.

What is the main ingredient in green coffee beans?

green coffee beans

Green coffee extracts help reduce blood sugar spikes, not because of caffeine (in fact, it has a lower amount of caffeine than regular coffee). But because of certain chemicals called Chlorogenic Acids.

These acids are mostly found in fruits like cherries, apples, plums, and dried fruits. But are also present in a high concentration in green bean extracts.

What do the research studies say?

According to Journal of International Medical Research the highest amount of their concentrates in the most natural form are found inside green coffee beans and helps manage glucose better in the body. In fact, it might potentially even help with obesity.

Another experiment by Joe Vinson at The University of Scranton, confirmed that in under 22 weeks of people that consumed green coffee lost 10% of their entire body weight. The credit was again given to chlorogenic acids.

This was done by giving both- the males & females, doses of 100 mg & 400 mg of green coffee extracts. The end of the tests revealed that the extracts were able to help reduce blood sugar levels in a big way.

“Lowering of blood sugar levels by such a margin with the help of capsule,” said Dr. Vinson, “would be a major breakthrough in the field of type 2 diabetes medication”.

Conclusion: Is Green Coffee Good For Diabetes?

So what’s the final outcome? Is green coffee actually good for diabetics? The truth is that there is still very little research available about the benefits of it.

Yes, its true that chlorogenic acids are helpful in reducing blood sugar levels in some adults. But there is not enough conclusive evidence available for type 2 diabetes patients yet.

It doesn’t make any sense for you to jump into green coffee in your diet. But there’s no reason for you to experiment either.

Of course, don’t miss your regular diet suggested by your doctor or nutritionist. The correct way to do it is by keeping a tab on your everyday sugar levels.

Experiment. Monitor. And then share the results with your doctor. The results might just leave everyone surprised.

Quick Note: Are you a diabetic that has already experimented with green coffee extracts? Share your story with us and we’ll share it with the DRC community members around the world.


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