Where Diabetes Comes From?

where diabetes comes from question answer

Where Diabetes Comes From

Absence or the lack of production of insulin in the body results in type-2 diabetes. It is a medical condition that occurs in the body when blood sugar levels are high in the blood. Our bodies produce insulin with the help of the pancreas and lower blood glucose levels.

There is no substantial scientific evidence that can provide the exact reason why diabetes occurs in some people. However, it has been closely linked to people with poor eating habits, work-related stress, genes in some cases & not living a balanced life.

Origin of Diabetes

Diabetes is a short form of “diabetes mellitus”. These words are derived from the Greek word diabetes which means to “pass-through” and the Latin word mellitus “sweet or honey like”.

One thing that’s common in diabetes is the excess of sugar in urine as well as the bloodstream. Ironically, it was known as the “pissing evil” back in 17th century.

The first time it was recorded in history in English language was in a text in 1425. The word mellitus, however, was added to it in the year 1675 by Thomas Willis.

How can it affect your health?

Most people with this condition can have either one of these types – type 1 & type 2.

The common symptoms associated with a newly diagnosed patient of diabetes are as follows:

  • excessive urination
  • feeling thirstier than usual or dehydration
  • losing weight
  • increased hunger pangs
  • fatigue & tiredness most times of the day
  • increased skin problems
  • healing wounds take longer
  • yeast infections

Pioneers of Treatment

You’d probably chuckle a little if we told you that Greek physicians used to prescribe horse riding as an exercise to reduce the excessive urination. But that’s what they really subscribed to back in the day.

Some other not so funny ones included drinking wine regularly, dieting till absolute starvation & overfeeding to avoid losing fluid weight.

Arateus and Thomas Willis along with Sushruta were the first to come up with treatments of this now one of the most dangerous medical conditions on the planet. However, for the more modern scientists, a gentleman who went by the name of Matthew Dobson in 1776 was the first to point out that the urine and blood of diabetics had excessive sugar levels.

Can Diabetes Be Treated Without Western Medication?

The simple answer is, yes. It’s easy for us to disregard the origin of medicine from the East. Greeks, Chinese, Turkish & Indians have had always a rich understanding of human anatomy and how it functions.

Many alternative therapies now exist where you don’t have to rely entirely on the medications prescribed by the medical authorities. If there’s one thing we know, the pharmaceutical lobby in the USA and other parts of Europe & UK is very strong.

Diabetics are big billers for them. And if they were to stop purchasing the medicines their doctors are prescribing, they’d be missing out a big chunk of juicy meat.

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